Multiple Spindle Drilling with Annular Plate Cutters

AutoDrill can supply multiple spindle heads with spindles capable of using Annular Cutters. The most common industry standard type cutters have a 3/4" round shank with two flats 90 degrees apart. These cutters are capable of drilling up to 2" diameter holes through 2" thick plate. The head design, number of spindles and the customer's machine used to drive the head determine the limitations for the hole size and depth of these cutters with our Multiple Spindle Heads.

Multiple Annular Cutter Head, dual annular drill head

Most through hole drilling techniques cut the entire hole into chips. Annular Cutters make holes by only cutting the periphery of the hole. The slug, ejected by the spring-loaded pilot, is the energy saving portion of the operation. Compared to the energy use of drilling with conventional tools, from 40 to 80% of the energy is saved.
The holes produced are high quality, closer tolerance, and almost burr free.

The advantages of producing holes in plate metals with Annular Cutters:

  • Less time and energy are consumed per hole
  • Less time and energy are consumed per hole
  • Faster feed rates are achieved with more cutting teeth and less tool wear
  • Lighter, less powerful drilling equipment can be used
  • Able to drill holes which are difficult or impossible to do accurately with conventional twist drill tooling - without predrilling or step drilling
  • Can easily feed coolant through the tool center pin for deep hole drilling

Uses for Annular Cutters:

  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Preparation for machining large holes by removing 95% of the material FAST
  • Produce round holes in pipe and tubing
  • To produce large holes in thick plate
  • To produce heat exchanger end plates
  • Accurately drill large tap drill size holes, +.005"/-.000"

To summarize:

Annular cutters are preferred over twist drills because they cut a cleaner, more efficient hole. The cutter cuts only the periphery of the hole creating less stress on the drill motor. The multiple cutting edges allow for increased feed speeds and a cleaner hole.

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AutoDrill can provide replacement tapping heads for Commander, Johnson, Ettco, Centerline Centroid and many more. Our prices make rebuilding Commander, Johnson, Ettco, Centerline Centroid and many other brand multiple spindle heads uneconomical. When you need a replacement head for Commander, Johnson, Ettco or Centerline Centroid multi-spindle drill or tapping heads call AutoDrill.

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