Multi-Head on Automatic Drill

Automatic drills are frequently used to perform repetitive hole drilling and tapping operations.  When two or more holes are closer than the minimum spacing of the automatic drills a Multiple-Drill Head is the best solution.  AutoDrill has provided heads with customized mounting adapters for many brands of automatic self-feed drills.  The photo shows our four spindle head mounted to an Automatic Pneumatic Self-Feeding Drill.  More informaton on AutoDrill's Automatic Drill models is available at this website ---> AutoDrill Automatic Drilling Equipment Home

Multi-Drill on ARO Pneumatic drill head

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AutoDrill can provide replacement drilling heads for Commander, Johnson, Ettco, Centerline Centroid and many more. Our prices make rebuilding Commander, Johnson, Ettco, Centerline Centroid and many other brand multiple spindle heads uneconomical. When you need a replacement head for Commander, Johnson, Ettco or Centerline Centroid multi-spindle drill or tapping heads call AutoDrill.

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